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In 1981 following MOMO’s success as a leading business in luxury car accessories, MOMODESIGN ® was founded, in order to offer to the company a Style Centre specialized in research and design development.
Since the very first years, MOMODESIGN has focused on research activity in car design and development of ideas and innovative projects in lifestyle accessories, creating a product line that helped building the image of the brand.
The expertise it inherited was the image created by Momo, a tradition handed down over the years, an Italian brand distinguished for cutting edge design and strong technological imprint of its products, inspired by race driving, Formula 1 and, specifically, Ferrari.
During the early eighties, the technological DNA contributed to the creation of an accessory line for men produced with highly innovative materials: carbon fibre, titanium and magnesium, used for the creation of the first watches, sunglasses and helmets. A choice that the market proved to understand and appreciate.
At the end of the nineties after having sold the MOMO group to an American company, the managing director Marco Cattaneo decided to detach himself from the group and acquire MOMODESIGN, undertaking, with the fundamental support of his son and daughter Paolo and Eleonora, a new challenge: transform MOMODESIGN in an independent and international brand with its own identity and philosophy.

The business today Research, innovation and creativity are still today MOMODESIGN philosophy strongholds.
Over the years MOMODESIGN has evolved but the style centre has maintained its fundamental creativity role: a wide open plan laboratory, offices with every kind of materials, colours, instruments, designers, architects and stylists, this eclectic team perceives every signal from the external world.
Main role of the Style Centre is the definition and planning of objects with an unmistakable, personal and characterising trait; MOMODESIGN objects.

In the headquarters, the style centre works closely with the marketing division for the definition of image strategies, brand positioning, planning the launch of the collections on the market and studying the presentation of the collections for events and sales points. The marketing division also studies a worldwide coordinated image considering different forms of communication.
MOMODESIGN accurately follows the development process of its creations in collaboration with the licensees: from design development to pre production process, from quality check to the definition of distribution and marketing strategies.
The guarantee of a licensed products is given by the choice of collaborating only with companies that have as a common denominator quality, handcraft products and innovation as well as a successful international distribution network.

Value and philosophy of the brand Eclecticism and creativity has allowed MOMODESIGN to understand and anticipate the market trends aiming at quality and innovation, reaching an important objective: spreading Italian design around the world.
Style is the added value of every MOMODESIGN creation, the elements that confer to products the unique, sophisticated and distinctive character of the Italian culture. Products are created to convey emotions, unique objects that become the projection of those who buy them. Everyday objects are reinterpreted and rethought following the philosophy of the brand and the evolution of the market, through a study of forms and style that manages to change its perception, transforming common objects into icons of the presents aiming at the future, trying to satisfy the demands and needs of a public extremely aware and demanding.

The collection The watch is the historical product of the brand, the collection represents the perfect synthesis of technical and aesthetical values, and the fusion of tradition and technological innovation. Hi-tech materials merge with precious ones for limited edition products. The helmet represents MOMODESIGN’s philosophy, the original idea was inspired from helicopter pilots’ helmets, handmade finishing, technical materials combined with particular varnishes and quality leathers that have elected the helmet as MOMODESIGN’s icon product. A large collection of different styles with demi-jet and jet helmets also in carbon fibre, offering maximum comfort and protection, available in bright, sophisticated colours without forgetting the classic matt black.
All MOMODESIGN helmets come from the partnership with Logico Design S.r.l. for the exclusive production and worldwide distribution of helmets. A collaboration started from the sharing of a same vision for strategic and developmental ideas. Logico Design has invested in technological innovations with a new establishment near Verona, equipped with technically advaced machinery that can guarantee the high quality of Made in Italy products.
The flash collection of sunglasses entirely in carbon fibre expresses the brand’s style through its bold, sophisticated design. The whole range has the added pluses of lightness and sportiness. Strategic choice of MOMODESIGN deciding to launch shoes and leather goods collection for both men and woman in the fashion channel using its strengths: design, functionality and Italian style.
IPhone, iPod, iPad and mp 3 cases complete the fashion forward line of accessories. Unique design object is the citybike, with a carbon and titanium monocoque frame for an urban use. 
Simple and urban aesthetics mark for the new folding e-bike, which offer outstanding, and high-performance features. Our latest creations include a men and women’s fragrance line, a collection of high-tech carbon pens and a range of stationary items targeting a young but also an adult consumer.
Dynamism, high performance and style are the attributes of the entire line specially designed for winter sports aficionados: technical, material and aesthetic solutions, marked by Momodesign style for the snowboard, boots and bindings. Maximum comfort and protection for the most demanding and safety-, performance- and fashion-conscious sports fans, with our new range of ski helmets made of composite fibre shells; ultra lightness and elasticity for the new ski goggles designed using innovative materials.

The stylized steering wheel, historical logo of the brand, becomes the classic of MOMODESIGN’s collections.
The innovation desire that as always follows MOMODESIGN, expresses itself through furnishings with a ceramic line for floor and walls. With MOMODESIGN ceramic tiels line, architects and specialists from this sector have the possibility to create ambients where design is dominant, original and highly creative.

Co-branding The choice to collaborate during these years with some of the most prestigious multinational companies has contributed with the evolution of the brand. On the alliances front is Yamaha with the design of an eco-compatible electrically powered mini-scooter in a limited edition for the Japanese market. Our partnership with Yamaha is further strengthened by the latest limited edition XMAX 125 and 250 MOMODESIGN maxi scooters and by a mini collection of Yamaha Jet helmets by Momodesign, the MD Jet Helmet and the MD DEMI - Jet Helmet Light for the European market.
Our consolidated collaboration with Lancia is seen in the design of the two versions of the Ypsilon MOMODESIGN and the current Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN and Delta S by MOMODESIGN. The new special series, the highest expression of Italian quality manufacturing and design, play with colour contrasts, highlight the importance of detail, offer elegant interiors and express a spirited, dynamic personality. From our joint-venture with Renault Italia comes the Momodesign Twizy, an exclusive, sporty look for the 100% electrical Limited Edition urban crosser, complete with special standard equipment for city-goers and the exclusive Momodesign fashion accessories kit (quilted jacket, bag and gloves). Going beyond the world of wheels, the eclecticism and skill of our style office are further asserted by our joint-venture in the interior design sector: with Reggiani for the design of Kyneo, a high-tech spotlight that breaks away from conventional forms, capable of accommodating the most innovative light sources.
The last collaboration in the interior design is with Colombo Design for the development of an handle with linear design and hi-tech materials: "Tecno".
And again with the luxury brand Kiton for an essential-look clothes valet in wood and carbon; with Omersub in the extreme sports sector for a performing freediving line (mask, fins, diving gear and watch), signed by the record man Umberto Pelizzari; with Trussardi and Ducati for two special editions of motor bike helmets - in real leather for the anniversary of the legendary greyhound fashion house, and in the two signature colours of the famous racing brand for Ducati.

Industrial design on behalf of a third part The style center does not only focus on its brand, but develops its activity in Industrial Design working as a product consultant with companies in different commercial sectors from the mobile sector to computer and accessories, from the two-wheels sector to the lighting systems, electronic devices and Hi-Fi components, as well as interior design and lifestyle sectors.
Companies rely on the ability of this professional team to better express the values of their brand. The strength of the MOMODESIGN Style Center stems from its brand identity and develops through improved marketing strategy to provide customers with a solid partnership focused on results: to conceive and design products that meet customer needs and that are in line with their brand. The vast know-how acquired given by the wide experience accumulated by working in different sectors in all these years, made the style center able to express the essence of each brand throughout aimed research representing the best synthesis between the market needs and product design.
Experiences that widened the style centre’s vision to 360 degrees affecting every creation.

MOMODESIGN shop and franchising MOMODESIGN’s collection finds its best display expression in monobrand shops, fundamental point of the brands image and communication skills at an international level. The company’s future objective is to open various mono brand stores in line with the flagship store in Milan Galleria San Babila, in the most important cities and emerging markets. A linear and essential shop window, a hi-tech look for the original furniture, an innovative interior design concept created to exalt the unique personality of MOMODESIGN’s objects. Crucial element in the direct relation with the public, MOMODESIGN’s franchising store perfectly represents the brands’ identity.
Acquiring a franchising store, leads to the use of its commercial formula, connected to the brands know how and distinctive signs, having the possibility to sell a quality product with its unique design famous in all the world.
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